The sculpture, shown here in an installation view at Max Hutchinson Gallery in 1970, was about the viewer looking into open ended tubes of different yet related quantities of empty space, and comparing these quantities of empty space, one to another.

Oil, Wax, Resin Work: 2001-2016

In the oil, wax, resin pieces I am creating a densely layered complex visual space that is made up of physical stuff rather than brush strokes or other sorts of flat marks. To do this , I have developed my own material (the oil, wax, resin mixture) which I apply in ribbon-like strips that are soft and flexible and sticky. These strips dry hard, get harder as time passes, and are quite permanent. As one approaches these pieces which appear monochromatic from a distance, the viewer gradually begins to perceive a space of actual depth made up of material that is endlessly varied in color, light and shadow. And once again, as with the sculpture, the viewer is invited to look into something, into this space.

All of the work on canvas is stretched over an underlying support layer of 1/8" plywood.